Meet Peanut and Popcorn! Our little Boer Goat brothers. They are the newest residents here at Nutley Edge. They have settled in for sure and we can’t wait to get them into their new enclosure where they will have a play area specially designed for them. At the moment they are enjoying being in one of our fields, where they can browse through the hedgerows and take cover of an evening in the lambing shelter.


We have been spending sometime with them, getting them used to us humans as they are still young. They are very curious and maybe a little bit mischievous but we don’t mind. You just couldn’t get mad at their cute faces. They will be the best at meet and greet. I think they will be a highlight to many people’s stay here.



We have also added a range of aquatic plants to our pond, just waiting for some of them to emerge above the water level. All I can say is that the Fish were very interested in our groundsman’s feet. It all seems to be coming together down there, even the grass seed around the pond is growing like crazy. And yes that is a Dragonfly cooling off in the pond, is this normal? I really don’t know! but he obviously isn’t scared of the metal Heron.


Please ensure when visiting us here at Nutley Edge, that all children are supervised at all times. Especially when exploring the nature trail as there are two areas of open water and a stream in our ancient woodland.

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