A bit of a sad note to start with but bear with me and we will get to the good bits.

As you know we have resident Goats, Peanut and Popcorn, our little Boer Brothers. Unfortunately due to the hot summer we had, it activated a rare type of worm that Peanut managed to pick up. This wasn’t good news for the poor little fella as he put up a massive fight but it sadly got him. Little Popcorn then got lonely and we can’t have lonely Goats! So the search for a friend for Popcorn began and look who we stumbled across…Little George the Pygmy Goat! He is 6 years old and a total sweetie. He really enjoys watching over everything from his platform and loves food. Sharing food however is one thing that George doesn’t do so separate Breakfasts and Dinners for the boys. I don’t think Popcorn minds, he’s just happy to have a new mate and a whole portion of food to himself.



Next up, a recap on this summers events. 3 weddings…3 WEDDINGS!!! Oh my it’s been great fun and we can’t stop thinking about them. The first wedding of the year was quirky and gorgeous. There were deck chairs everywhere, an announcement bell, games and a picnic for all to enjoy. They really made the most of the weekend using the BBQ’s for their family and friends the night before. Everyone was very well fed…yummy yummy yummy, they had love in their tummy!

The second wedding was a little more low key with the wedding taking place on the Friday, giving them the Saturday to totally relax. I mean they did party on the Friday night so maybe not as low key as you may think. A hog roast was scoffed by everyone which fuelled their dancing feet.

And the third wedding, well what can I say. It was mine!!! It was truly amazing and we had the most fabulous weekend surrounded by our nearest and dearest. There were fairy lights, meters of homemade bunting and ribbons everywhere. We even had a one of our sheep as a ring bearer. Everyone enjoyed the outdoor ceremony looking over the gorgeous view and the games area and fire pit was well and truly used by all. It was perfect, we would do it a million times over.

It really has been a scorcher of a summer and the weather managed to hold off for all 3 weddings which is an absolute miracle. Fingers crossed we get similar weather next year, I am sure we will need it for our summer events.

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