Here at Nutley Edge we love welcoming your pet’s onsite. Over the years we have seen some beautiful dogs and puppies of varying breeds, some quiet and others ‘full on and bouncy’ but all are a pleasure to meet.

We don’t just stop there, we have also had several cats, a gerbil, a budgie and a house rabbit come to stay.

With our 11 acres to explore and the vastness of Ashdown forest on our doorstep, your canine buddies will have a holiday of a lifetime and they don’t even need a passport.

Staff team dogs
 Our staff team are all dog lovers, there is Humphrey the Managers dog, being a typical bouncy non-stop Jack Russell he only gets to come and play occasionally.

Toby, the bichon frise who belongs to our  handyman loves nothing more than riding around the site in the mule helping out with all the outdoor chores.

Tess, the border collie whom belongs to our business administrator likes to meet and greet and  …chase the squirrels.






What do our guests say about our pet friendly site?

‘It was such a relief to be able to bring Willow with us on holiday, she thoroughly enjoyed having our own garden area but also the large paddocks to walk around. We did several of the walks on the forest throughout our week stay. The site has dog bins and bags at your disposal and three vets within a 6 mile radius in case any mishaps occurred.’

‘Benjy had a great time exploring the stream in the Gill wood, and with several hose pipes around the site it was great to be able to wash him off afterwards.’

 ‘I came to a friend’s wedding locally and wanted to make the most of visiting East Sussex for the few days I was here and it was great to be able to bring Misty, my cat and not have to pay for cattery costs. She had a lovely time snoozing in front of the patio doors in Birch Cottage overlooking the grounds and watching the goats.’

 What do we ask of our pet owners?

Whilst we want you to have a lovely time with your dog, we also want other guests to have a lovely time too so with a few simple rules everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Please keep dogs on a lead around the site with the exception of your own cottage garden and the main dog paddock
  • Ensure you  ‘scoop the poop’ there are bags and bins around the site for ease of use.
  • Keep dogs out of the the goat paddock as Popcorn and George can become very agitated.
  • Adhere to the dog walkers code of conduct on Ashdown Forest, leaflets can be found in our leaflet display board or you can check on the Ashdown Forest website. Rangers do patrol the forest if you have any concerns

We hope you have a paw-fect stay with us 


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