There have been a few things happen at Nutley Edge in the past few weeks so here I am to tell you about them. We have had the mad about animals activity break, a wedding and a food bank set up.

The Activity break were onsite a couple of weeks ago where they participated in plenty of activities all based around animals. They went to Drusillas zoo, the Llama park and Raystede. They also had a visit from ‘Owls About Town’ which was so much fun. We had Hazel the European Eagle Owl. Denis the White Faced Scops Owl. Nigel the Spectacled Owl and Wizard the British Barn Owl. The activity breakers enjoyed the birds in the Farmhouse as unfortunately the weather was wet. They all took it in turns to hold the gorgeous birds. We also had Wizard flying from person to person collecting little treats from each of us. I can’t wait to get them back next year!

We had the wedding of Mr and Mrs Giddings onsite at the weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but this really did not dampen the spirits of the bride or groom or even the rest of their guests. They had put so much thought and effort into the day with setting up starting on the Friday. They had handmade a lot things, such as games like whack a rat and riddles, individually painted glasses and all of the cottages got renamed. There was a real personal touch to everything and the site still looked brilliant despite the weather. The day started with sun and an outdoor ceremony! Then the rain came and the rest of the day took place in the Marquee, where I’m sure the day just got better and better… Congratulations Mr and Mrs Giddings!

We see a lot of food go in the bin here so we would like less privileged people in the local area to benefit from excess food. We have set up a food bank donations point next to the office. This is so our guest can donate any leftover or overbought food. These donations will be greatly appreciated.  We will then drop any donations to Uckfield food bank on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. It hasn’t been set up long at all and it is already full!! Looks like we will be popping to the food bank on Friday.

Owls About Town

Uckfield Food Bank

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