We have had our wonderful videographer onsite throughout the year capturing shots of Nutley Edge and the surrounding area. He has put these gorgeous shots together and produced a beautiful short film to show off our holiday location which I think you will all be very impressed with. It really shows the tranquility of staying here at Nutley Edge. We also have a new Wedding page up and running on our website, in the ‘Venue Hire’ section. We will keep this up to date with our real Weddings and testimonials.


There have been a few improvements made to the site too. The disabled parking area has be revamped with plastic mesh tiles under the gravel. This means that our disabled users and carers now find it much easier to use the area as before the wheelchairs used to get a bit stuck in the gravel. We have also put some additional climbing equipment in the Goat enclosure, trying to keep Peanut and Popcorn entertained isn’t easy. I think their favourite part of their enclosure is the Apple and carrot washing line.

This was a good game… I was Reds!!

Now, Peanut and Popcorn aren’t the only one’s with fun additions… We have giant connect 4! The giant game was built from scratch by our handyman. Yes we have played a few games. Yes I lost a couple of them. And no I am not happy about it but I know secretly the handyman is scared of a rematch! The giant game is located next to the fire pit and Boules Alley meaning great fun for everyone!




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