Wednesday evening we apparently had strong enough winds to blow down a tree next to the Farmhouse, we couldn’t identify the casul-tree as it was swamped in Ivy and had rotted out. As the tree came down it pulled five lines down that were rooted to the Farmhouse resulting in no internet or phone lines on Thursday meaning that we weren’t able to log in (sorry if this affected Yew).

So the tree off us set off to work and cleared the mess that had oak-urred. We had Chainsaw Cliff chopping the tree into trunks, the Mule driven by Michelle, ferrying timbre to the bonfire and me.. well.. being tidy up Toni and helping load the Mule. But of course the rain arrived so we got s-oak-ed through and absolutely covered in sawdust and moss. We carried on until it was all cleared and no, the rain didn’t stop.

Well that’s just another day at Nutley Edge and yes we are barking mad!

Did you know that I can cut down a dead tree just by looking at it?
It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes!

OK, I’m sorry, that’s it now, I’m sure your getting Sycamore of these puns.


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