The school of Natural medicine UK, founder Bonny Casel and 19 students recently stayed at Nutley Edge for their Healing Diets Immersion course

The students who came from far and wide, crossing oceans  enjoyed a 14 night stay in a variety of our cottages overlooking our 11 acres.

What is a healing immersion course ? (extract taken from Bonny’s own webpage)

The Healing Diets Immersion is an delicious, delightful hands-on education in raw food preparation that provides the foundation for inspired, creative use of therapeutic nutrient dense foods. Students participate in establishing the rhythms of a living raw foods kitchen, including sprouting and fermentation, a range of dehydrating projects, juicing, green drinks, raw desserts, sauces, nut and seed butters, and more. Over the course of 10 days, food  preparation moves from cleansing to health building, culminating in gourmet raw food preparation. Exploration of culinary herbs and spices add to this foundation for increased flavour, support for health issues and focused balancing of the Doshas. Each day students prepare and enjoy a living foods feast, along with a range of lightly cooked vegan dishes.

The group made good use of the grounds, for their early morning meditation and yoga sessions and those whom were slightly more energetic were able to take a run on the Ashdown forest , which borders our site
Throughout the day we saw the students again making use of the grounds, for group work or just chilling and making new friends , but the evenings were all about the vegan marshmallows and making use of the fire pit.

Staff onsite were privileged enough to not only smell the foods being used to create these beautifully healthy dishes but were also given a few samples to try for themselves. I can honestly recommend some of the ‘puddings’.

Popcorn and George our two resident goats definitely enjoyed all the healthy snacks and attention from some of the students. Spoilt boys !

We look forward to seeing you again in September for the next course.


It was such a pleasure to stay at Nutley Edge for three weeks. The extra week was a perfect opportunity to catch up on school admin while enjoying the beautiful nature there…a fox, battling pheasants, a magnificent double rainbow and, of course, the sheep and goats, whom we just loved. I look forward to seeing you again in September!



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