Lambing has come to an end here but we still have our little lambs running around the field spreading a bit of general cheer. They are all incredibly happy, growing fast and them bounding across the field is a popular and favourite site up here for us and our guests. Hopefully the shepherds have recovered and finally caught some sheep… I mean sleep!

We have got plenty more happening on site too. We have the bottom paddock being cleared, by our groundsman and his little helper, ready for the existing pond to be extended. There is also a digger at the top of one of our fields. The digger is making a base for the sheds and a new poly tunnel. The poly tunnel is for the activity breaks to plant some fruit and vegetables. The fruit and veg will then be enjoyed in the meals for the activity breakers when they come for their stay. Who knows, if it all rapidly grows and multiplies we just might have enough for some other guests too.

There are more plans for the site too but you will have to wait to find out about them as that would be revealing all! Or if your planning a stay with us, who knows, you might get a sneak peak. Ewes the ‘View Cottages’ button below to explore our cottages availability.

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