The Activity Break returns and my god did we miss them! It has been great to see some new and returning faces on our first activity break of the year. This weeks theme is Food lovers so its been time for them to hone their baking skills, try out new foods and enjoy local restaurants. They have participated in making soup, bread and chutney’s. We have also had the King of the Woods Forest School in to do outdoor cooking at the fire pit and make wild garlic pesto with everyone….it’s delicious!!! So delicious, that the breakers have their own recipes to make at home. The April Break is Arts and Crafts which links me nicely onto…

Neil’s Farmhouse Plate Painting


One of our Activity Break attendees has really put a smile on our face with his sheer art skills. Neil attends his local pottery workshop back in London and this is one of his creations. This is the view of our very own Farmhouse. He came to the August break, Summer Fun, so using photos from his stay he recreated this spectacular piece. We are going to frame and hang it in the (newly decorated) Farmhouse to show it off to everyone!

And you know what time of year it is… LAMBING!!! We have officially started lambing so please bring on the sunshine and leave the rain for the next few weeks…if only! But hey ho, it doesn’t spoil the site of new skipping lambs in the morning. This set of twins were born yesterday morning, they are about 3 hours old in the picture.

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