Summer is slowly coming to an end. To keep you warm on those Autumnal nights, we have made benches for the fire pit area. This is next to the Boules ally and the obstacle course in our spruce woods making it sociable for adults and kids. Grab some sticks from the woods and toast marshmallows whilst huddled in blankets…sounds perfect, right!

Another addition to our site is the Polytunnel! It has been built and now is awaiting some seeds and saplings to grow on. The Polytunnel will be used by the Activity break to grow plants, flowers, fruit and veg. This will then be used when they come for their breaks and any leftover we have will be sold to guests with any money being put back into the site.

The latest Activity break we had was the arts and crafts week. They made mosaic tiles, foraged pictures and had a trip to Eastbourne. The king of the woods came to spend an afternoon with them too. They made fabric pictures using natural dye techniques which was so much fun and came out with beautiful results.

I have added a link for your perusal, if you or you know anybody who would be interested in our Activity Breaks.




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