The new bird feeder is up and ready for the arrival of our little winged friends. This homemade feeder has been put here so that our guests can enjoy the view with a bit of added company with some of Nutley Edge’s regulars. Hopefully they will find it soon as we have this months Activity break starting on the 20th March. We have a short video below and on YouTube giving you an insight as to what the attendees get up to on the Activity Breaks.

As you can see the sheep in the background of the bird feeder photo I feel I should let you all know that all 22 of them are expecting lambs mid March. We cannot wait for the sound of their little bleats and them skipping around the field, its a real sign of spring and we love it! If you would like to come and see the little lambs we still have some self catering cottages available in the upcoming months for you to come and enjoy this beautiful, exciting time of year.

We are also now on Facebook! So please visit, like and follow our page. We will be posting plenty of updates on what we’ve been up to and keep an eye out for any offers.

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